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Full Time Open Source Development for Eleventy, sponsored by Netlify

2022 February 14
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If you're seeing this video, it is Monday, February 14—Yep.

Which means that I am now very excited to announce that effective today, Netlify will be sponsoring full-time development of Eleventy!

Eleventy started with the very basic idea that the tools we use to make websites should be simpler for both beginners and experts, and we are still working very hard to continue to deliver on that mission today.

This announcement is such huge news for our project in multiple ways: the project's longevity, sustainability, delivery of features, integrations fixes enabling folks to take on even larger scale projects (if this sounds like your project, please get in touch).

This is one small part of Netlify's larger strategy to invest in an ecosystem of frameworks and tools to make building for the web easier, more resilient, and more scalable. I'm now on a team of three folks working toward those goals, and if this sounds like a pretty sweet deal to you, we are hiring.

And personally speaking, I'm just so grateful to have this opportunity. Grateful to the folks that have trusted Eleventy with their web projects, grateful to folks that have participated in our community, whether it be answering questions, writing blog posts, code, docs, or being friendly on Discord, Twitter, or at meetups.

I'm grateful to everyone building for the open web—accessible to all—independent of walled gardens and app stores, where a wallet isn't a prerequisite.

And I don't know if you all can tell, but I am so excited. If Eleventy was walking before now we're going to find out what it really feels like to run.

Stay tuned.

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