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Starting with Eleventy 2.0, the Eleventy Dev Server is now the default stock development server in Eleventy core. This section of documentation only applies to Eleventy 1.x and 0.x and will be removed when Eleventy 2.0 is stable. If you want to use Browsersync with Eleventy 2.0, learn how to swap back to Browsersync.

Override Browsersync Server Options Jump to heading

Useful if you want to change or override the default Browsersync configuration. Find the Eleventy defaults in EleventyServe.js. Take special note that Eleventy does not use Browsersync’s watch options and trigger reloads manually after our own internal watch methods are complete. See full options list on the Browsersync documentation.

Filename .eleventy.js
module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
notify: true

Opt-out of the Browsersync JavaScript snippet Added in v1.0.0 Jump to heading

New in browser-sync@2.27.1 Added in v1.0.0. Opt-out of the JavaScript snippet normally injected by Browsersync. This disables Browsersync live-reloading.

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
snippet: false,

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